Finished Object: The Almost Perfect Ribbed Sock Pattern

My neapolitan socks are finished! I love the way the Trekking XXL yarn knit up. So fun. Unfortunately they do not stay up as well as I'd like. And I decided I am not really a fan of how ribbing looks on top of the feet. I have now made several variations on the ribbed sock and piecing them all together in my head I have come up with the perfect ribbed sock recipe for my feet.

1. Size 2 needles with 56 stitches
2. 1x1 ribbing for an inch
3. 3x1 ribbing until the sock is the same length as my DPN (7 inches-- but this way I don't need to find that tape measure)
4. heel, gusset, blah blah. (that is the recipe vs pattern part-- if you want me to fill in the blah blah let me know :)
5. knit the foot in stockinette until the foot measure the length of DPN
6. Make decreases for toes.

Combining all the parts I like about the various ribbed socks I have made I think this is the perfect pattern. Now I just need to go buy some more self striping yarn. Shocking that I have NONE left in the house. Okay none that isn't already slotted for another project....

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