Finished Object: Sister Socks

It is the last day of May and I am finally blogging about my last knitted Christmas gift. Sad I know. But it comes with a sweet photo of my family around 1987-1988 I am guessing based on the looks of my littlest sister. Pretty handsome little family right? Especially love my older sisters' 80's hair. Awesome! 

I say little but we all know 6 kids isn't really a small family. With that many children we have always drawn names for Christmas. Last Christmas I got my sister Jenni's name. She is pretty much the most fantastic person to get for Christmas because she gets excited about whatever you give her. Seriously. We loved getting her name as children because it would be so fun to watch her open presents, so much excitement. I made her the purple stained glass mittens last year for her 40th birthday. She loved them but I didn't plan on knitting her a Christmas gift, I thought she might appreciate something different. However she actually requested a knitted gift, after my brother-in-law made fun of my knitting in jest (guess who will NOT be getting knitted socks!)

Jenni is a crocheter so she understands the commitment of a handmade gift. Between that and her excitement opening presents, it makes her the best knitwear recipient. I made her a simple pair of ribbed socks, skipping the ribbing on the foot for speed. I love the simplicity of these striped socks. Of course, the yarn tag is long gone so I have no idea what the name of the yarn is (I actually found it! Austermann- Step). I wouldn't really recommend it anyway. It was a little of a pain as I was knitting with it because the yarn was broken in places so I had to felt the pieces together several times (I certainly was NOT weaving in ends!) But I love the thick stripes. She was impressed with how thin the yarn was. So if you are trying to impressive your non-knitting friends with as simple of a project as possible, finger weight self-striping yarn is the way to go. 

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