Celebrating a birthday

Thank you for the kind comments from yesterdays post. I had a heart to heart with Maeve. Her hobbies include drawing, sculpting with playdoh, and reading. She agreed that she didn't love those more than she loved me, even though she enjoyed spending her time on them. I pointed out that knitting is the same for me. I enjoy knitting. It helps me to relieve stress and I like making things for my family. But it doesn't mean I love knitting more than her. She seemed to understand. I think deep down that it is a power struggle for her and not really about her thinking knitting is more important to me than her. But I still wanted her to understand that it just isn't true. And I will try be more deliberate about spending quality time with her to show that. My boys are great with family time. But my girls really desire one on one time. Is that true for you?

On to another child...

My little baby Roman turns 3 today. It hardly seems possible that is has been three years since I gave birth to him. But at the same time it feels like he was always a part of our family. It makes me pretty sad that he is growing up. I told him that and he said, "don't be sad, I will grow down soon." He is so stinking cute.

I made him a crown this year but it took a lot of convincing to get him to wear it for the photo. Disappointing. I thought he would like it. But I think he will love the Spider-Man cake, he hasn't seen it yet. Waiting to show him at the family party tonight.

Not so good cell phone pictures from the day:

        (Maeve's playdoh turtle)

Ever made marshmallow fondant? Super easy. But I should have trimmed the face a little. My Spider-man looks swollen like someone punch him. Oh well. I was disappointed in my pink Spider-Man cake at first but after looking at him some more I am pretty pleased. I don't have the cake skills of my husband but I am getting better!