Knitters Anonymous

I debated sharing this because it makes me feel sooooo guilty and bad but I decided I need some support. Kind of like knitters anonymous support. 

Last week my six year old daughter was in one of her fits, carrying on for an hour plus with screaming, slamming chairs legs, etc. Good times. All because I encouraged her to start her after school routine. It starts with unloading her backpack and eating an after school snack. You know, really hard things. :) I was very pleased with myself that I remained calm the entire time.

In the midst of the tantrum she yelled out that I love knitting more than I loved her. I just ignored the comment at the time, feeling like she was just trying to push my buttons. And when it was all over I discussed with her how much I love her. I thought it was over.

But last night as my daughters and I were sitting down to watch an episode of Craft in America that I checked out from the library, I pulled out my knitting. Mind you this was after I had fed everyone, put the boys down to bed, and allowed the girls to stay up past their bedtime. And at the end of a long weekend where I took the children hiking one day, swimming another, and had earlier that evening taken their cousins home after a sleepover. I hadn't knit for like 4-5 days. So as I pulled out my latest sock project my darling 6 year old brings it up very calmly that she really feels I love knitting more than my children. What would you do at this point? Should I give up knitting? Should I turn into a total addict and only do it in the privacy of my own room secretly? Seriously, what would you do?