4KCBWDAY4: Color

Color is my least confident thing when it comes to knitting. Not much as changed since last year's post. (My husband still often picks out my clothes :) But I want to be more confident when choosing colors for projects so I have started an informal study via Pinterest. This is my color board so far. I already knew I like pastel colors and current am really favoring purple and yellow, very springy. I am not particularly drawn to fall colors. If left to my own devices I would knit purples, yellows, pinks, blues, and greens all day. Quite a bit of my knitting is gifted though so I try to keep others in mind as I am planning a project. But the real factor in the colors I knit is.....price. I am a yarn snob, rarely knitting with acrylic since finding the good drugs! But I am also a social worker married to a film maker so I RARELY buy yarn that is not on sale. So yarn is chosen in this order:

1. Wool
2. Price
3. Color

How about you?


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