3KCBWDAY1 Everything I know about color I learned from my husband.

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Topic of the day: Color

I will tell you a little secret.
My husband picks out my clothes. 

I know this is TMI and you might be wondering what this has to do with knitting or if my husband is really controlling. He is so far from controlling I actually wish he was a little more assertive. And it has a lot to do with my inability to choose coordinating clothing and thus coordinating yarns. See I was coming back to knitting.

My husband is the one who introduced me to a color wheel. I learned about secondary and tertiary colors from him. Public school art programs weren't a complete failure. I did know about primary colors!

When I am making decisions about clothing or yarn colors I often defer to his opinion. Even if I had a differing opinion, in the end I like his choice better usually. I guess you could call it lack of confidence or confusion over color choice.

But this much I do know. I really have a thing for pastels. If left to my own devices I would wear, sew, and knit pastel colored items ALL THE TIME. So it is a good thing that my husband is helping me to explore other options.

I have traced my love for pastel colors back to my childhood in Alaska. After a LONG, cold, dreary winter--Spring came with all the abundance of pastel colored beauties. Well, that was after breakup season.  (Didn't you know Alaska had five seasons? Break up season is when the world is brown and muddy. If you dropped your knitting outside during that season, you might as well leave it.)

Below is a photo of my stash (or most of it--I found more after taking the photo). 
Here is a photo of my stash minus all the yarn that other people (mostly dear husband) gave to me. 
I like pastel colors what can I say? 
If there was any doubt as to my color palette of choice here is picture of my left over scrap yarn afghan. 
This crazy quilt I am making pretty much sums up the colors I would subconsciously choose. But obviously I am not that smart because who in their right mind would decide to make a queen size crazy quilt? Needless to say it is not finished and it has been a few years. 
I am making an effort to branch out and choose different colored yarn. Particularly variegated and self-striping yarn that introduce me to new shades I wouldn't normally pick. But if my family is reading this--you can never go wrong with buying me yarn that would go with the colors in this quilt!

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