Finished Object: Girl's Cap Sleeved Spring Shirt

Thank you PicMonkey for this sweet collage. Isn't my Maevey just adorable? She lost her front tooth a few weeks ago and is just so cute. When she isn't saying lovely things like,

"I hate you!"
"You're the worst mom ever!"
"I'm the naughty one."
"I'm going to choose the wrong today."
and the best one, she told my coworker when we had dinner with his family,
"That's okay, everyone breaks promises to me."

She is a riot when I am in the mood to appreciate it. At parent teacher conferences her teacher has the students list a few things they think they need to work on. On Maeve's list was "try not to make mean faces at others when they are looking." We weren't sure if she was going to try not to make mean faces or just try not to make them when people are watching her. Funny girl.

She loves the cap sleeved spring shirt I made her for Valentine's Day. It is made with Malabrigo Rios yarn, my favorite in the whole world. So soft. I found several skeins on sale at my LYS after Christmas sale. Totally broke my personal budget but I couldn't pass it up!  It took a little bit of coaxing to get Maeve to wear the sweater. And some love from her teacher, Ms.Hoy, who claims "she wants one just like it". But it worked and now she wears it all the time. LOVE IT!

Come back next Friday to see more finished objects...

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