FInished Object: Sheep Washcloth

(Photo taken out the back deck of the Bear Trap Lodge where we stayed for our family reunion in Utah. Beautiful scenery and interesting lodge. There was a huge bear trap padlocked to the fireplace in the basement. Apparently they are valuable?!) 

I finished the sheep washcloth just in time to give it to my sister for her birthday. She was like, "um thanks. What is it?" Instead of being offended it made me laugh because it is kind of a funny gift. But the sheep is so cute! I wanted to make her something but did not have time for a bigger project. Hopefully she uses it. It is Sugar and Cream yarn so the care is super easy, machine wash and dry.

When I first listened to a Knitpicks podcast where Kelly talked about knitting washcloths and dish cloths I thought I would never have the desire to make one. My dear husband is really opposed to dish cloths because no matter how often they are washed he ALWAYS thinks they smell horrible. (His sniffer works a little too well. He would be a very sick pregnant person!)

But after I casually looked up some wash cloth patterns online I was intrigued with trying out new techniques in this small medium. So I guess for me, wash cloth knitting is more about the process than the product. Hopefully someone washes something with this adorable sheep.

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