Work in Progress: Sheep Wash Cloth

Super excited to be back participating in work in progress Wednesday! This vacation I have been a little obsessed with wash cloths and dish cloths. This cute little sheep I first heard of on a Knit Picks podcast.

I had to undo it a few times because I kept losing stitches mysteriously. Very frustrating. But after I realized that I needed to work on this when I could give it a little more attention it worked better for me. I love how it is turning out. I bought this Sugar and Cream Cotton Yarn a few years ago before I knew much about yarn. I made a hat and scarf for my daughter then but this yarn doesn't really work well for that in my opinion. They just didn't hang/fit right. It turned me off cotton. But washcloths seem the perfect thing for this yarn. I am glad I didn't get rid of it!

I finished listening to Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice on this road trip. Can you really read/listen to Jane Austen books too much? I don't think so. I am now listening to Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I love that I can get free audio books on my iphone from my state library!

Joining with Tami and Yarn Along.

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