Friday Finished Objects: Citron Shawl

I love my Citron Shawl! I ran out of yarn right before the ruffle section. I ended up tracking down another skein of Eat My Veggies yarn from a yarn store in Kansas City. There was a place online that had it but I work in Kansas City so I called around to the LYS there. On the third one I found it. The Studio is a cute little yarn store in a fun neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri. When I walked in there were several women knitting and chatting. No one acknowledged me at at all. I walked around for a few minutes looking at the yarn when I finally had to ask the women if they worked there because I couldn't find the yarn and no one was making any effort to help me. It was so strange. All I could think was what bad customer service! But, as always, I was too quick to judge. The staff was all in the back room sorting new merchandise that just came in. Once the knitting ladies pointed me in that direction the staff was very friendly and helpful!

So I like knitting shawls and I think I will enjoy wearing them. This leaves me with three questions for you if you have a chance to leave a comment.

1. Do you have a neat shawl pin? If so, where did you find it? I have been looking without much luck.

2. I think I want to try a lace pattern shawl next. I have never done any lace work. Is there a shawl pattern you would suggest?

 3. How do you store your shawls? Folded on the shelf or hung in the closet?

Thanks so much for visiting and your help!

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