Work-in-Progress: Aviatrix Hat for Relay for Life

It is almost a miracle that I started and finished a project before it made it to a work in progress post. Seriously. I never knit that fast. But I am on a deadline and I have been doing a lot of assessments at work, giving me tons of paid knitting time! I watch students and parents fill out a bazillion scantron forms for our research project, answer a few questions, and knit away.

I am on a deadline because I am participating in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life this June. Months of fundraising followed by an all night relay style event. I am on a great team with a dear friend who is a cancer survivor. If you feel so inclined I would be honored if you would consider donating to the American Cancer Society on my relay page.  Even a $5.00 donation could help me reach my goal.

As part of the relay we are putting together baskets for an auction. Our team is the Pink and Black team, representing skin and breast cancer. Our basket is pink and black baby themed. I have been knitting furiously to finish my aviatrix hat in time. All I need is a button and to sew in the yarn tails. I want to make a flower for the hat but have not had the time to look for a pattern that I might be able to handle. My crochet skills are rusty and I have not seen any knitted flowers. Ideas?

Obviously it is meant for a six month old girl not a two year old boy like mine but he is still adorable. He has his own aviator hat (the wrap and turn technique was much easier this time around!).

  For some reason I cannot remember to take a photo of my book with my knitting until I am sitting at the computer downloading the photos. But I am reading this. It is wonderful so far.
It describes simple changes that we can make within ourselves to increase our ability to feel God's love and share it with others.

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