Mother's Day Part 2

I had a few things I wanted to add to yesterday's post on Mother's Day.

1. It is funny that I posted anything about a silly high school popularity contest because there is NO WAY I ever want to go back to high school.

2. Nicole at Frontier Dreams made a good point. "Mother's Day to me isn't about gifts or recognition, but rather a day for me to show thanks and gratitude to/for my dear blessings." What she usually posts on her blog is inspiring. Surely this is the right attitude to have about Mother's Day for me personally. With no expectations for gifts or recognition I think the day was wonderful for me. (though I could do better showing thanks for my children on that day instead of desiring a nice, quiet afternoon to knit.) Once I showered and washed off the nail polish running down my toes, my pedicure is fantastic. (Of course I still purchased my own Mother's Day gift-- it is a good excuse to buy some "needed" knitting supplies and yarn!-- I will post pictures when they come in the mail!)

I told my second daughter that all I wanted for Mother's Day was for her to be obedient. She said that was probably not going to happen and she would rather make a picture! After being carried to the car naked for church when she refused to get dressed, she put her clothes on before walking into the chapel and did pretty good the rest of the day. High goals but low expectations are the keys to happiness as a mother! :)

3. The forget-me-not flower that my mother-in-law gave me is significant for two reasons. One is it the state flower for my sweet Alaska home. And two, there was a wonderful message shared at a church conference using the forget-me-not as a symbol of five things we should remember as women.
Watch or read the full message from Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

(forget-me-not picture done by Shawna Banagas on

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