Mother's Day

I rushed around the house this morning getting my children ready for church so we could get to my in-laws house before they left for church. I purchased a little orchid corsage for my mother- in- law to wear and wanted to give it to her before she walked into the chapel.

As we pulled into the driveway she walked out with a beautiful multi rose corsage from her husband. Awkward. It only got more so as she gave me this wonderful forget-me-not necklace. At this point the awkwardness turned funny because what else could i do but laugh?

As we drove to church I asked the kids what we should do with this corsage now? After telling them "no I won't wear it because it would be too weird for me to wear the corsage I bought," my sweet daughter suggested we give it to an elderly woman in our congregation. Swearing them to secrecy about the original purpose for the corsage, she took it into the building and pinned it on a beaming, grateful, flattered woman. My daughter is so kind and thoughtful.

When I emerged from the shower this morning I found this breakfast waiting for me on my bed. And she picked up all the toys that were threatening to take over the house. Every mother should have such a daughter.

I am actually not a big fan of Mother's Day. I love being a mother most days and I am very grateful for my mother and mother-in-law. But Mother's Day seemed disappointing and sad for my mother growing up because she lost her mother when I was 18 months old and was married to an unhelpful husband. When us children got older I think we got better at making the day special for her but I can't be sure.

I cannot remember the last Mother's Day that my husband was in town for so it isn't much different then other days around here though sweet Adelle has really tried the last two years to make my day special. (even painting my toenails as I type this!)

Growing up I really had no aspirations but to be a wife and mother. Even in our high school senior prom royalty assembly when the mc said a few words about each princess before they announce their name I knew it was me when they said "this girl wants to grow up to be a mother." I was a little embarrassed and asked my mom why she told them that. She said because it was true. And I couldn't argue with that.

Anyway because of that great desire, Mother's Day makes me a little sad at church for those who have not been blessed with children in this life. For me, that would have been an almost insurmountable challenge to face. Even the year we tried unsuccessfully for baby number 2 nearly drove me insane. (I am a little embarrassed to write that since so many try for much longer and never get pregnant.)

So my heart feels for those women who have to sit in church hearing all about the joy of motherhood after having not been able to experience it themselves through no fault of their own. It is hard for me to celebrate when I know it is a sad day for many. So I pray that God will wrap His arms around those whose hearts hurt and carried them through today.

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