Are Ponchos Totally Out of Style?!?

 Pattern: Very Harlot Poncho
Yarn: Cascade 220
Book: Ruth's Journey
Project Bag Pattern: Knitmore Girls modifications

Thank you for the kind words concerning my dear friend that passed away. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. This weekend will be emotionally as I head to California to celebrate his life with friends and family.

If you follow me on instagram you know that I have a few finished projects but first I will show you one of the WIPs I am planning to finish this year. My Harlot Poncho. I love this yarn but was concerned about whether I would like wearing a poncho, especially with such a loose gauge. So I put it on scrap yarn so I could try it on and I do really love it, so I am plugging away at the stockinette. It is a lot of stockinette... I am almost done though and need to decide if I will finish it with a few rows of garter stitch to match the top or with a simple lace border. No fringe for me. I may put in a life line and do the lace pattern and see if I like it. Then I can rip back and put in a garter stitch border easily if I don't.

I LOVE this project bag. My sewing machine makes these amazing embroidery stitches and it makes me happy every time I use it! I made one for me and one for my mother for her birthday. It was pretty simple and I plan to make more.

I saw Ruth's Journey at the library and had to read it. I love Gone with the Wind. This is, of course, not as good as that, but still interesting to read about the beginning of the lives of the characters in that classic. I felt like this author tied it all nicely in with Mitchell's story. It is a pretty simple and quick read.

 And on to my finished objects! The fox mitts were a pain but are so stinking adorable. My daughter LOVES them. The foxes were all done in duplicate stitching this time and that is not so much fun. But totally worth the results.


And I finished my Kai Mei socks with Candy Skeins yarn in the bombpop colorway. Once I got going on that lace pattern I really liked it. It was pretty simple and fast. I could see myself knitting this pattern again in a solid color but probably wouldn't do all that ribbing....

And I finished spinning all my alpaca singles. A very productive week....

Joining with  Ginny, Nicole, and Andrea

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