Trying to Turn "Humbug" into Christmas Cheer

Pattern: Variation on the Tin Can Knits Rye pattern
Yarn: Regia Hand Dyed Effect in color 06551
Favorite Christmas Book: This version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Anyone else struggling to really get into the Christmas spirit? Other than our Advent activity each night, nothing about this Christmas is exciting to me currently. I don't why. Maybe that time of the month? I always seem to blame that....

We put up Christmas decorations last night. We waited until after my daughter's 13th (!!!) birthday party this last weekend. I think part of my bad mood was the desire to have things looking "just so" versus having my children "help". We opted for a compromise, making me wonder how other mothers get their homes to look so wonderfully decorated this time of year. Oh well. It isn't like decorating has ever really been my strong suit. 

I planned an Advent activity weeks ago, wrapping up Christmas books with a scripture about Jesus Christ written on a card inside of them for us to open each night of Advent. Pictured is our pile of books we've unwrapped so far and the basket full of what is left. It is amazing how many Christmas books I've accumulated over the years once I went looking for them in the house. I only had to buy 7 to have 25 for Advent. I am really enjoying reading these books with the kids each night. When you only read them once a year, they always seem new. One of my best finds was this Rudolph book from my childhood. On Amazon a used copy was $15. But I found one in my local used book store for $4 so I was very excited. I just love the pictures. It was my favorite book as a child. I wish I could have found the bigger one my parents have but settled for the little golden book.

I am making pretty good progress on husband's Christmas socks. I needed to knit 2 inches a day but yesterday I only did 1. Last weekend I knit a lot though and then started to have some carpal tunnelish pain. I've never experienced that before. It got me a little worried but after a quick google search on "knitting yoga" and other knitting stretches/injuries it is feeling better now. It is kind of funny to think of a knitting injury, makes me feel old. But I found a few things that helped decrease the pain.
So there you go, some little knitting tips for the day. 
Have a great week! Sharing with Ginny, Nicole, and Andrea

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