One Handspun Fetching Mitt -- and a lot of vomit

My hopes of finishing my mitts fell through. I'm going to blame it on vomit. A. Lot. Of. It. Like the worse messes of my almost 13 years of motherhood. Cleaned it off the walls. Out of children's hair. Totally disgusting. And then I joined in the fun for a little while. Good times.

But I finished one Fetching Mitt with my 2 ply merino/silk handspun and I love it.  For a long time I thought fingerless mitts were silly. I mean what is the point if your fingers were just going to get cold. But now that I live in an old drafty house with the computer right next to a window I realize the benefit of wearing fingerless mitts inside! I wore my one for a bit while knitting in bed sick this week and my hand was so nice and warm. I can't wait to finish the other one. Then make another pair in sock weight yarn. I love the warm bulkiness of these but also want some thinner, more manageable ones.

Instead of a lot of knitting, I laid in bed reading, finishing 3 books. Two by Joan Bauer: Hope was Here and Close to Famous. I really like young adult fiction these days and I highly recommend these two. The characters are really likable, they over come great adversity, and you feel good after reading about them. I also finished Iceberg Hermit, which is the book my book group during my co-oping time at my daughter's school is reading. It was interesting. It is a story of a boy who survives in the arctic for several years, living on an iceberg.

I wish I had something more exciting or inspiring to share this week other than talking about vomit so I'll leave you with this scripture I've been repeating in my head a lot this week.

"Be Still, and Know that I am God!"
 -Psalms 46:10

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