Taking Annis on a Cruise

The Annis Shawl went on it's first cruise this last week...pictured here with my bunkmate/friend Erin and Latoya on her wedding day. We've been friends since junior high. Such a fun weekend!

Pattern: Annis by Susanna IC
Yarn: Malabrigo lace Silkpaca in Teal Feather
Beads: Size 6 purple seed beads
New Fancy Tool: Addi Capped Steel Crochet Hook size 0.6mm

Here are the brides with their sons. Aren't they adorable? The family looks so beautiful and happy. The boys were my dates on Friday night while their moms went out and their grandmother recovered from a red-eye flight from Alaska. We watched Maleficent on the big screen up on the deck as the boat left the harbor. One of them asked me my name the next day. I asked him why he didn't ask me my name while we were on our date the night before. His response, "You look scarier in the daytime." Lol. I love kids honesty. 

It was an interesting weekend for me. I love Latoya. She was one of my best friends in high school. I'd met the boys before but I just met Athena this weekend and she is wonderful. I am happy for them. I wanted to be there to support Latoya in something that makes her happy. But I also don't believe that same-sex marriage is right in God's eyes. I believe that "marriage between a man and woman is ordained of God and is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of his children." God ordained marriage and we do not have the power to change His definition of it. So it was sort of a weekend of contradictions for me. But I love Latoya and I am glad I was able to be a part of something that she wanted to have happen.

We sailed on the Golden Princess from Los Angeles, CA to Encenada, Mexico. This ship is freaking huge. As I boarded I got a little nervous about sailing. I asked the first crew member I saw about the number of life vests and life boats. She assured me there were enough for the 3100 passengers and 1000 crew members on board. :)

On our day at see, before the wedding, I knitted on my circle socks and finished reading The Lions of Little Rock while sitting by the pool. It was a very relaxing morning. I highly recommend the book. I really liked it. It inspires you to be more courageous in facing your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone. 

A cruise can be very relaxing but is also kind of a strange place. Did you ever see the movie or read the book Austenland? It is about a resort in England where guest come and live like they were characters in Jane Austen's books in the 1800's. So the guest are living in this fake world but all the staff are in the real world. The cruise reminded me of that. The crew never broke character, they waited on you hand and foot (which made me feel slightly uncomfortable), and I felt like I was in a make-believe world of gluttony where everyone was eating and drinking as much as they could, while the staff looked on in disgust. The crew never expressed any disgust, I just thought how could they not be? Most were from other countries, mostly eastern European, and they were serving a bunch of greedy, fat Americans. Me included. I ate tons. :) Anyway it is a weird experience. I had a wonderful weekend. So fun! I would probably do it again, with a group, maybe a family reunion or something where no one had to worry about hosting or feeding a bunch of people, but I won't be booking a romantic cruise for two anytime soon.

Erin and I were woken up on the morning we docked in Encenada to the barking of a 20 or so sea lions like this one. It was awesome! They were hanging out where the cruise ship was trying to dock so we got to watch them all jump in the water from our balcony. A few came back that afternoon before we sailed so we could take pictures.

We walked downtown to do some shopping. This man made name bracelets for my daughters. It was amazing to watch. He whipped them up in 5 minutes or less. It was super cool. But in Mexico is were the cruise ship atmosphere really became a little bothersome. We'd just been engaged in such gluttony on board and then walked off into such poverty. It was disturbing. People and children begging on the street, following us around trying to sell little junky trinkets. The contrast between the cruise ship and Encenada was just so extreme. I left feeling a little sick to my stomach. But I didn't put money in the cups held by mothers with babies on the street or buy the children's trinkets. I bartered for lower prices. I don't know. I couldn't bring myself to be more generous or buy junk. So my stomach sickness came from a little bit of disgust for myself. I'm trying to redeem myself now by thinking of ways to help those in need closer to my home.

Joining with Nicole, Ginny, and Andrea.

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