Knitting Circle Socks on Variegated Yarn

We went to Lake Powell this last weekend with my brother's family. It is so beautiful there. Wake boarding on the water is like being on glass. The slot canyons are fun to explore. The water is warm. The cliffs are great for jumping. You get the idea. It is like paradise. And the STARS. So many. So bright without the light pollution from the city. It is amazing.

When I was in college I was dating this guy and we went to his parent's home to see the stars or a comet or something I can't remember. Anyway we climbed up on their roof and were looking at the sky when he quoted this scripture:

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork. -Psalm 19:1

I had never read this scripture before and I loved it. Every time I look at the stars at night this verse comes to mind. In the book we listened to on our way back from the lake, Three Times Lucky the main character, Mo, is taught about stars. Her step-dad tells her,

"There's nothing like camping out to restore a sense of size. Remember that. When you lose your way, wait under the stars. We're born over and over, day by day. When you feel lost, let the stars sing you to sleep. You'll always wake up new."

The stars might be my favorite part about camping. The book is really good. We read it for the mother-daughter book club at our local library this month. We just finished it late last night and what a great ending!

I took advantage of some down time at the campsite to knit on my Circle Socks in Candy Skein yarn, colorway Bomb Pop. I tried really hard to be monogamous to this project. Especially after I gave it to my sister for her birthday in July as a half finished sock with needles attached. Now I have the commitment to finish them. Luckily now I am on the foot of both pairs with my parallel sock knitting strategy.  I did however cast on another project last week. It is only getting a few rows here and there but enough to take the edge off these socks. I'll show it to you next week when there is more to see.

So I love how the Candy Skein bomb pop colorway knit up on the leg of the sock with the knit and purl pattern. But once I started knitting on the foot in straight stockinette some serious pooling started happening on the sole with the white color. I didn't get any of that on the leg or heel. The one knitting guild meeting that I was able to attend last year (all the others were on the night I have a monthly committee meeting at my daughter's school) we had the owner of Intrepid Tulip yarns come and speak. She talked about knitting with variegated yarns and ways to avoid pooling. The ways I remembered where: 
None of those strategies would work on my sock. You can tell what a difference stitch pattern makes since there was no pooling in the leg with the circle pattern. I couldn't change stitch count or the socks wouldn't fit right. And I didn't measure my balls of yarn when I made the two balls so they were completely uneven. I've already finished one ball part way through the foot because all the rest of the yarn is in the second ball so I have no yarn to interchange it with. Oh well. I'm not too worried about it because it is on the bottom of the foot.

On the way back from Lake Powell we stopped at Goblin Valley State Park and hiked around, making sure to take our traditional silly camping photos. I fell off the rock while Jude went running to the camera but luckily no one got hurt in the craziness. Isn't Goblin Valley amazing?!? So pretty. One of my favorite places in Utah. In the year we have been here we've visited 3 times and it is 4 hours away...

Joining with Nicole, Ginny, and Andrea.

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