Postcard from Beautiful British Columbia

Can you tell how excited my Roman was to stand in the sheep cutout? And Jude cannot keep his eyes open in photos! This cute store in Bellingham, WA gave each of the children a ball of yarn for finger knitting. I couldn't walk out empty handed after that. I bought a skein of sock yarn. My first Sweet Georgia yarn in the color Snapdragon. Looks so fun!

We took a side trip to Stewart, British Columbia and Hyder, AK today. The extra miles were totally worth it. The scenery was amazing. We saw Bear Glacier and amazing snowy peaks. 

And more waterfalls than we could count. Yeah eyes open!!

And seven black bears, including one with two cubs. So amazing!

Currently we are stranded in Dease Lake, B.C. And I am not exaggerating when I say stranded. It is the biggest town for miles around, meaning it has a population of around 400 people. 1 gas station that closes at 8pm. We pulled in at 8:40pm. 

It started raining tonight.  Up until now we've had great weather. We've camped the last two nights by beautiful rivers and lakes. The next gas station is 150 miles away. So instead of spending a wet night in the tent we got a hotel room for the night (a shower and recharging of electronics was becoming a necessity). But it cost us a pretty penny. This town has it worked out. Close the gas station and only restaurant early so people have to stay the night, jack up the hotel price and then charge 10$ for a bowl of soup at check in. Needless to say we are having road trip food for dinner. But I get a shower and wifi so it is all good!

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