Finished Object: Embroidered America Pillow

I was able to give my mother her Mother's Day gift in person, a little late. This was the sunbonnet sue design I embroidered during the Renaissance Embroidery class I taught at my daughter's school. I am really, really happy with how the pillow turned out and my super patriotic mother loves it too.

I followed this basic tutorial for making an envelope style pillow. My squares were cut at 3.5 inches. I sewed the front of the pillow together and then quilted it with the X design. Because my math is terrible the front ended up being an 18 inch square instead 17 inches listed in the tutorial. I sewed the front and backs together with a 3/8 inch seam and squeezed an 18 inch pillow form in. I think it works great, nice and plump.

Sharing with Tami and Linda.

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