Yarn Along: 5 Knitting Books I Hope You Have on Your Shelf.

Pattern: An Original Lace Headband Design
Yarn: Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns in fingering weight, color BabyBoy

I've taken a quick break from lace shawl knitting and dirty fleece adventures to knit a headband for my niece's birthday. She is this adorable blond, blue eyed 10 year old that will look great in this blue color. She is also very interested in my knitting and spinning. Asking questions and watching me whenever I am doing it. I love her curiosity. I'm rewarding it with a hand knit gift. I hope she will wear it.

Did you read the Crazy Knitting Lady's post on knitting books from forever ago? She lists 5 categories for books that you should have on your shelf.

A reference book
Something to help you learn
Something for fun or encouragement
Something with stitch patterns in it.
Something that terrifies you a little bit

As I looked at my bookshelf, I only own 2 knitting books. Stitch 'N Bitch which I purchased for myself to learn to knit with. And Wearable Knitwit which my wonderful sister-in-law gave me as a gift. It has super fun color work patterns in it, lots of creative, unique designs. I don't own more knitting books because I am cheap and I visited the public library on a weekly basis. Living in the city I have access to both the city library and the county libraries. Pretty much any book I want I can find between those two libraries. I'm spoiled. But there are some books that I've checked out multiple times and would like to add to my bookshelf someday. So here is my answer to Crazy Knitting Lady's knitting bookshelf:

A reference book -- Stitch 'N Bitch has been a great resource book. But I most often will just google what knitting technique I have a question about. It is much quicker and videos can be really helpful. Often times the techknitting blog is what I go to for answers.

Something to help you learn -- Right now I am really into knitting lace. So Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace book has been checked out several times. I just love flipping through the beautiful designs and dreaming of a time when I might have the patience to knit a huge lace shawl. It is really fascinating to read about the construction of the Estonian lace shawls. I learn a lot from that book. I've read many lace knitting books but this is my favorite. In fact I am a big fan of Nancy Bush. I like her Folk Socks and Knitting Vintage Socks books too. When I was on my sock knitting kick, those were favorite check outs. I like how her knitting books also give a lesson in history.

Something for fun or encouragement -- Anything by the Yarn Harlot or Elizabeth Zimmermann would fit into this category for me. It was the Yarn Harlot's books that gave me the courage and desire to learn to knit socks. The first I read was the Free Range Knitting and that got me hooked on her. She is hysterical. And if you are not a knitter reading one of her books might make you better understand your knitting obsessed friends.

And EZ's videos made me love her honesty and quirkiness. My favorite book of hers is Knitting Around as it shares a lot of her history being part autobiographical. There is a DVD series that follows along with it.

Something with stitch patterns in it -- I really like the Vogue Stitchionary books. I think there are 5 of them and several have come home with me multiple times from the library. In fact, the 5th volume for lace is on hold right now at the library for me. I love that all the swatches are done in color. Currently I have the 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker checked out. I like this treasury the best. It has a lot of great lace patterns. That is where I got the stitch pattern for the headband I'm working on.

Something that terrifies you a little bit -- The Knit to Flatter book terrifies me. Enough that I have not checked it out yet. I want to. But I don't. I'm not a big sweater knitter but the book still intrigues me and kind of makes me want to try it out. Someday.

And Cookie A's sock designs terrify me a little, particularly Sock Innovation. I've cast on 2 of her sock patterns. Frogged one back after several attempts at traveling cables. The other is on my summer project list. I've knit all the way to the foot where the traveling lace section starts. She is amazing and her designs are fantastic and challenging.

So there is my ideal knitting bookshelf.

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