Postcards from Spring Break Day 2: Seeing Another Arch Never Gets Old

 (Skyline Arch)

The rain cleared enough for us to enjoy a few short hikes after attending church in Moab on Sunday. But then it poured down when we were headed to our campsite to cook dinner. We decided to attend the BYU-Idaho musical fireside (meeting) at the church building that night to wait out the rain. It was great hearing a trombone duet and a saxophone quartet. I saw instruments that I had never seen before, like a soprano saxophone. And no one looked at us too strangely when we walked into the chapel dressed like this. It is Moab after all. We hadn't build a campfire yet so at least we didn't stink too bad.

After all the rain cleared we were able to see the most amazing moons this week. This was the night before the full moon and it was still so bright above our campsite. Adelle, Joel, and I were able to wake up at 1am to see the lunar eclipse. That was really cool. Being out in nature strengthens my belief in God. He created all this for us!