Learning to Design with Lace -- Is it possible for Craftsy to Spy on Me?

Last summer I bought this yarn at sidewalk sale for my local yarn store in Kansas. It wasn't on my list of yarns I needed at the time. It isn't a color that I usually buy. But something about it just kept calling to me as I walked past it several times. It is Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox. It is 60% alpaca, 20% merino wool, and 20% nylon. It is amazingly soft and squishy. I just love it.

As I was driving across Kansas in our move to Utah, the fields we past just reminded me so much of the color of this year. And I was inspired to knit a shawl that represented those Kansas fields to me. Since last summer I have been thinking about how to design this shawl. Then a few weeks ago I saw the call for submissions from Knitscene with a suggestion of "golden." I thought this yarn would be perfect to swatch for that submission.

Unfortunately as I started trying to put my vision on paper I realized that I did not have the know how to actually knit what I wanted. So I spent a lot of time looking up shawl shaping and shawl construction trying to learn. One of the resources I found on line was this Craftsy class, Lace Shawl Design. It looked really interesting and exactly what I needed. But at 49.99$ it was more than I wanted to spend.

So here comes the part about Craftsy spying on me. I wasn't logged into Craftsy while I was searching shawl designing. But the next day in my inbox I received an email from Craftsy offering the lace shawl design class at half off. Crazy right? So however Craftsy is tracking what I look at online, they totally got me this time. I bought the class and have already watched 5 lessons as I folded about a million pounds of laundry yesterday. So far it is really educational. Not sure I'll be submitting my idea to Knitscene this month but I at least have the confidence that I will get to knit the shawl in my head.

Sharing with Andrea and Linda today.

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