Hearts Knit Together #38: Making a Stepping Stone and Why You Should Never Wait For a Better Time When Children are Involved

My sister in law, Joy, gave us this stepping stone kit for Christmas in maybe 2005. At the time we only had Adelle and were a state of transition/uncertainty as Joel was applying to graduated schools. We were no were near being settled down. I thought we would wait and make the stone when we were in a more permanent state, thinking it wouldn't really move well.

2006 took us to California for graduate school, 2009 took us to Kansas for more graduate school (among other things), and here we are in 2014 finally settled down. We now have 4 children with too big of hands to make a print on our stepping stone.

One grouchy day after school we pulled out this kit to make, while Roman finished his nap in the car. The childrens' bad attitudes changed and they enjoyed mixing the cement stuff but were disappointed when only one person's hand would actually fit on the stone. We opted for using the glass shapes that came with the kit and making an R, which Roman was thrilled about when he woke up because he thought the R was for Roman.

The children love the finish project (thank you Joy!) and it looks pretty in our garden. But I feel a little sad that I didn't just make it years ago so the children could make hand prints to preserve. It is a good lesson for me that you can't wait for a better time when it comes to childhood. It passes too quickly.

Happy Monday!

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