Fiber Arts Friday: Homemade Walnut Buttons and Handspun Yarn -- a Perfect Combination for a Really Bad Week.

There are weeks when you might take a break from blogging because you are busy having fun in your "real life" and there are times when you take a break because "real life" sucks. This week was the second one.

We were very busy last weekend with Adelle, my older daughter's, performance of the Magical Mousekemusical at her school. It was fun to see her on stage. She has a beautiful voice and sang several solos. Still amazing to me, who cannot really sing, that I have a daughter talented enough to sing solos. Clearly from her father's side of the family. But with 4 performances it was a busy weekend. So we were a bit exhausted at the beginning of this week. But isn't she adorable? She is the one holding the "MIC" card. My younger daughter got to be the guest during the "Be Our Guest" song from Beauty and the Beast on stage, the night my husband took the children while I attended this Women's Conference. It was after a few tears and a little finagling behind the scenes with the mom and the student that stars in that song and chooses the guest. Embarrassing. But at least I wasn't there. 

Friday night of the performance our furnace broke. Since it hasn't been too cold we figured we could wait until Monday to call the landlord. And then on Sunday it snowed. On Monday they decided they needed to replace the furnace and it took until yesterday for that to happen. 4 days. Of course it happened during the coldest couple of days in weeks.

I usually blog early in the mornings but it is hard to pull yourself out of bed at 5 or 6 in the morning when it is 50 degrees in your bedroom. It felt a little like camping, at home. And it didn't help that we were staying up late trying to finish our taxes (hallelujah we are getting money back this year!!!) So between the stress of filing taxes with a self-employed artist and freezing, it was a rough week.

Yesterday when they installed the new furnace was a little comical. In the morning my doorbells stopped working, Joel announced that the roof in his office, a separate building in the back yard, was leaking, and my dryer stopped working in the middle of about 6 loads of laundry. Then the new furnace filled the house with a horrific smell that set all the fire alarms off at once right when my landlord walked in to talk to me. I'm too short to unplug all the alarms so I was standing on chairs with stools on top of the chairs. Totally safe. It was awesome. On the bright side, we have heat and they fixed the breaker issue that caused my dryer to stop. And we are getting money back on our taxes. That is the saving grace that has really kept me positive this week. Writing checks to the IRS last year and every quarter this year was a painful memory for me "who cares to send the very least" (a funny banner posted on the local CPA office by our house.)

On a happy note, I have spun 150 yards of Peruvian Highland wool from KnitPicks. Did you know that Peruvian Highland sheep are a mix of Corriedale and Merino sheep? It is pretty soft stuff. Not sure what I am going to knit with it yet. And those buttons in the photo. They are black walnut buttons that my friend, Kathleen, and her cub scout son, Sam, made for me. They are amazing. I can't wait to use them. But they are so fun I need the perfect project for them.

This weekend will be more relaxing and uplifting. I will be watching General Conference for my church. If you are looking for inspiration or just curious check it out here.

Joining with Andrea and Linda.

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