Poncho: Out of Style or Not? And How to Knit a Swatch in the Round

Pattern: A Very Harlot Poncho
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers
Book: Call the Midwife Series

Alright I did cast something else on, after I said I was going to have a monogamous relationship with my lace shawl. But, while, I lied. I needed something that was knitting at a bigger gauge. So I could actually see progress. 

My sister bought me a skein of this yarn a few Christmases ago and I love the color. I later bought 2 more skeins of it, thinking I would make a sweater for myself. But it never got made because I came to realize that I don't really like knitting sweaters. I did want a large project for this yarn though because I had 600+ yards of it. I've been keeping my eyes out and recently found the Yarn Harlot's poncho. Maeve's teacher wears poncho type things at school and seeing her has made me want one of my own. I remember having a poncho that I loved in junior high. Are poncho's timeless? Or are they totally out of style? Regardless I think I am going to make it because I will get a lot of wear out of it and love it. I'm not a huge fan of fringe though so I am looking for a different border for the bottom of the poncho. Maybe a simple lace pattern? 

The knitting in this photo is my swatch. Here is what I find works best for knitting a swatch in the round: 

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