Hearts Knit Together #32: DIY Valentines Bags Tutorial

Hearts Knit Together was born out of my struggle to balance my desire to create with my busy life as a mother of four. I am challenging myself to do something creative WITH my children each week and to share that adventure with you on Mondays. I invite you to share your creativity with your children so that we might inspire each other with ideas to help "knit our hearts together." 

If you want to join me, write a blog post about something creative you did with kids and share your link in the comments. No rules really, only that your link is current and something about creating with children. They don't even have to be your own kids. Please remember to link back to The Gauge Wars so that others who may want to join can find it. Pretty simple. Your post can be from any day of the week. It doesn't have to be Monday. Thank you for participating! 

Last year, after seeing this adorable Pottery Barn Valentines Envelope on Pinterest, I decided to make one for each of us. I am not normally a big fan of Valentine's Day. As a child it was fun. I always got a box of conversation hearts from my mom and some other heart themed gift, like heart underwear or a shirt. Plus making heart shaped sugar cookies with mom. A tradition for every holiday just with different shaped cookie cutters. It was very exciting.

But as a teenager I came to not like Valentine's Day all that much. Too much anxiety surrounding all that silliness called love in junior high and high school. Leaving most girls feeling bad about themselves. Joel and I have never been big on celebrating it. He spontaneously does really sweet things for me and doesn't like the obligation of doing them because the holiday dictates it. After seeing what one mom did for her children, I decided reclaim Valentine's Day from the romantic to a time to show love and kindness within my little family.

I made the envelopes for the children and Joel last year and then ran out of steam before making my own. I got bored. Then I came home from work one day and Joel had made mine! (The blue one with the little heart - he knows his way around my sewing machine better than I do). Isn't that so nice! We left them up all of February last year. The first few days I was the one putting things in the envelopes (love notes and candies mostly). But soon the children joined in the fun, leaving notes and little treasures they made or found around the house into each other's envelopes. It was so fun to see them doing things for each other.

I put them up on February 1st this year with a "Happy February" note and a fruit snack pack. Last night my oldest daughter made her sister's lunch and did her siblings' dishwasher chore then left a note in their envelopes telling them to look in the fridge and dishwasher this morning. Maeve was SO excited not to have to make her lunch! It warms a mother's heart to see her children serving each other! Our month will be filled with creativity as we fill the envelopes each night.

Here are the instructions if you want to make your own:

Felt (the inexpensive polyester kind will work but wool felt is awesome)
Thread or Emobroidery Floss
Needle or Sewing Machine

  1. Cut the felt into a 12"x 25" rectangle (or desired size)
  2. Fold the long side up 10" and pin. 
  3. Sew along 3 sides, leaving the top open. 
  4. Cut the extra flap at the top to desired shape (mostly I did triangles to resemble an envelope)
  5. Sew decorative stitch on the edges of the flap (but not attaching to anything)
  6. Attach any embellishments you want (I did most of the letters and hearts by hand)
  7. Cut 2 strips of felt 2" x 20" (or desired size)
  8. Cut the strips in half and sew 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom of the back of the envelope
  9. Attach 1" velcro to each end of the strips to secure them to a chair as straps
Sorry I didn't take pictures as I did it. Hopefully you can figure it out from the instructions and photos of the finished project. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

Happy February! I'm off to the laundromat since our dryer broke this week. :(


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