Hearts Knit Together #29: Christmas Tree Card and Kits for the Homeless

Hearts Knit Together was born out of my struggle to balance my desire to create with my busy life as a mother of four. I am challenging myself to do something creative WITH my children each week and to share that adventure with you on Mondays. I invite you to share your creativity with your children so that we might inspire each other with ideas to help "knit our hearts together." 

If you want to join me, write a blog post about something creative you did with kids and share your link in the comments. No rules really, only that your link is current and something about creating with children. They don't even have to be your own kids. Please remember to link back to The Gauge Wars so that others who may want to join can find it. Pretty simple. Your post can be from any day of the week. It doesn't have to be Monday. Thank you for participating!

I think that for bloggers, Christmas continues through a few weeks of January. But I promise that this week I will finish all my posts with Christmasy photos. :)

A few years ago my mother asked us to do something special for someone else, for her Christmas and birthday gifts, and then tell her about it. I love this idea for several reasons. 

1. Moms are really hard to shop for. At least mine is. 
2. Being charitable is fun, especially with other people's money 
(or what feels like other people's money). :)
3. My children get to learn to give.
4. Giving is what Christmas is all about and it makes you feel good. 
5. We really have blessed people's lives over the years. 

I can't share too many details about the last few Christmas projects because they have been in secret to those we know. But before that we did give money to charities or buy gifts for Sub for Santa projects. But this year, after moving to the city in August, my children have been noticing all the people who are homeless that we pass on a daily basis. Maeve begs me to give them money every time, until I no longer have change in the car. And then I saw this idea for homeless kits online somewhere and knew it was the perfect idea for this Christmas. 

After a trip to the dollar store we were ready to pack our bags. Here is what we included (but there is so much more you can do):

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