Finished Object: Knitted Acorn Ornaments

Yarn: Malabrigo (Lettuce)
Cascade 220 (Brown)
Pattern: Tiny Knitted Acorn
Modifications: I did the acorn cap in all purl stitches instead of seed stitch.
I used worsted weight yarn and size 4 needles.
Opinion: This was the final one I made. I thought I would like the purl cap the best. But after finishing it I prefer it done with a seed stitch.

Yarn: Lamb's Pride (worsted weight)
Pattern: Acorn Ornament
Modifications: None
Opinion: I think I like the fuzziness of the Lamb's Pride wool the best out of all my acorns but I definitely did not like this pattern. It is very tedious hand sewing the cap and body of the acorn together. I prefer the other pattern's way of knitting the cap on. 

Yarn: Lamb's Pride (worsted weight)
Pattern: Tiny Knitted Acorn
Modifications: I used worsted weight yarn and size 4 needles. 
Opinion: This is my favorite acorn. I love the mohair sticking out.

Yarn: Cascade 220 (Brown)
Berroco Vintage (Cerulean - I think)
Pattern: Tiny Knitted Acorn
Modifications: I used worsted weight yarn and size 4 needles.
I used garter stitch for the cap instead of seed stitch.
Opinion: I really like the blue yarn color.
It is bright, cheery, and slightly unusual on the Christmas tree.
But I do not like the garter stitch cap. Seed stitch works the best in my opinion.
(Probably why the designer chose it!)

And that is it. I am completely 100% done with acorns. It is all out of my system. Originally I was going to knit this pattern, which looks really good, maybe even better than the patterns I chose. But when I went to Ravelry to find the pattern, I found these free patterns and decided to go with them. I like supporting independent designers but it is hard when there are free patterns that look almost exactly the same. On a bigger item I might have paid for the pattern instead of opting for the free one. In my opinion, paid for patterns tend to be better, having usually been tech edited and test knit. They are clearer, more concise, and in a better layout. But for a little acorn ornament that didn't seem to matter that much.

And I am done with Christmas photos. :) I am thinking of knitting another ornament for the children for next year but starting them in July instead of December 23. Any suggestions? I haven't looked at any other patterns yet.

Joining with Andrea, Linda, and Tami today.

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