Finished Object: Braided Cowl for Kids

Pattern: Braided Cowl for Kids

It wasn't a Christmas knit, more out of necessity for this snowy winter, but I did finish this cowl in December. I wish I knew the yarn. It is bulky wool, very soft, fun and easy to knit with. Jude likes the cowl. The yarn was left over from the cabled hat I made him several years ago. So I didn't have enough yarn to make it the 11 inches long that the pattern called for. It is only 8 inches but it seems to work okay for my little 5 year old. 

I took the children and Maeve's friend to see the angel statue at the Salt Lake City cemetery, written about in the Christmas Box, that we read as a family before Christmas.  The author had it placed there for grieving parents. It was sad to see all the white roses left on the statue by those who have lost children. But it was good for us to take a little trip to the cemetery during the Christmas season to remind us that this life is not the end, because Jesus died for us, we will all live again. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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