Fiber Arts Friday: Knitting with Lace Yarn and visiting Yarns Sold and Told

So if you drive across Interstate 70 in Kansas you will pass a huge billboard advertising the "Second Most Friendly Yarn Store" in Salina, KS. We have passed that sign for years without every stopping. Last summer as I was caravaning across the state in the mini van, trying to be patient with the slow progress of Joel in the moving truck, I was tempted to stop, but I didn't and regretted it. So the next big town I did stop, at a yarn store in Hays, KS, because the moving truck had issues by then, and I had lots of time to kill waiting for Joel to catch up.

So this trip across the state, I asked Joel to stop at Yarns Sold and Told in Salina so we could see how friendly they really were. :) And their advertising didn't lie. The two women working there were very friendly, the owner even lived in Salt Lake City years ago when her husband was a medical student at the University of Utah. I left Joel and the children in the van, even though several times the women offered me to let them come in. The place was big and the children would have run amuck.

It is fun to visit different yarn stores because they all carry such different varieties of yarn. I read this book, Knit Local, a few month ago about American yarn companies. Many of the companies I had never seen their yarn in person because it wasn't carried in my LYS. But at the Yarns Sold and Told I got to touch Knit One, Crochet Two yarns, Juniper Moon yarns, and Dream in Color yarns. It was fun to see yarns from companies I had just read about.

I was saving my money for a swift and interchangeable needle set though, so I just wanted a souvenir yarn. I chose this Silky Alpaca Lace by Classic Elite Yarns. My husband asked me if I just bought the yarn so I could touch and squeeze it. Um, yes! It is so soft! The women at the store were all congratulating me on actually knitting lace with lace weight yarn claiming no one does that anymore. I didn't confess that I had never done that either but this yarn was the right price and too soft to pass up. I haven't cast it on yet, but I am thinking about this lace capelet, I saw one on display at my LYS and really liked it. But I think it might look better in more of a mohair lace yarn. Any other suggestions? What do you like to knit with lace weight yarn?

Joining with Linda and Andrea today. Have a great weekend!