Work in Progress: Braided Cowl for Kids

Pattern: Braided Cowl for Kids from The Purl Bee

After my whole post on gauge swatches I am embarrassed to report that I have no idea what the yarn for this cowl is. I made Jude a hat out of it several years ago but apparently didn't make a swatch, save the tag, or record it in Ravelry. Sorry. It is great yarn. Any guesses?

I had to put my Christmas knitting on hold when temperatures dropped to single digits and we realized that our children did not have enough scarves/cowls to survive that cold. What kind of knitting mother leaves her children without warm winter clothes?!? So I have cast on this cowl and am making quick time with the bulky yarn and mostly stockinette stitch. I love the braided cable. It is really pretty. I am sure I will be making a few of these this winter if I can get the children to wear them. Both of the boys think that they don't get cold so they don't need to wear anything outside?!

My mother gave me this book when I was 18. I have lost count on how many times I have read it since then, not quite every Christmas but close to that? When Joel and I lived in Salt Lake City as newly weds I always hoped we would find some older lady that wanted us to live in the east wing of her Avenues mansion for free like the main character but no luck. 

Since my girls became old enough to listen I have read it every year to them. When I pulled it out this year Adelle said she didn't want to read it again so I put it back in the Christmas book basket. But a few days later Maeve brought it to me and asked me to read it, so Maeve and the boys are listening this year. It is a quick read and a heart touching story. A lot of Richard Paul Evan's books are a little too sappy for me but I enjoy reading this one at Christmas time. It helps me appreciate my children and remember what Christmas is all about.

Since I was taking pictures in our living room anyway of the cowl I decided to show you my two favorite Nativities. The Alaskan one is so fun and reminds me of home. I love the little moose. I think this one may have been the first one my mother purchased for me (she has bought most of mine for me) and it is amazing that it has survived my children. As a quilter I just love the patterns on Mary and Joseph's robes on the other one. Someday I hope to have more pieces to this set. I have seen the whole set in a quilting store and it is so pretty. 

Joining with Tami, Nicole, and Ginny this week. I am off to go run in this super cold weather, in my new running headband. That is right, I finished it! Come back Friday to see pictures.

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