Finished Object: Ribbed Cable Running Headband


Yesterday Adelle and I celebrated our birthday.  Age 12 is a big deal for us as she moves up from the children's group to the young woman's group at church. Growing up, 12 was huge because we got to get our ear pierced, wear makeup, and shave our legs. Adelle got her ears pierced when she was 10, having spent the previous 2 years getting herself psyched up for it after we showed her a youtube video of an ear piercing. Her pain tolerance is low and the gun terrified her. She has showed NO interest in shaving her legs (hallelujah!!) and little in makeup. I am okay with all of this. It is hard to have your baby grow up.  :(

We tried to make her day special starting with donuts for breakfast the day before because she had to be at school at 7:30 on the morning of her birthday for the matinee of her school play, The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet. We pretty much became the best parents EVER that morning when we gave her a cell phone. She is thrilled even though it is our old phone, for only texting and phone calls. We are thrilled because now when she babysits for us we don't have to leave our phones behind and she will be able to get a hold of us. A third cell phone seemed like a better choice then a land line. We also gave her a journal embossed with her name and a copy of this talk to young woman (so thankful another blogger mentioned this. I didn't remember this talk and it is wonderful.) And Joel brought her a pearl necklace and earrings back from the Philippines. Such a grown up present for my baby beautiful young woman.

My birthday was spent chauffeuring children back and forth from the school because of the opening  of the play. My best laid plans to sneak her away for a birthday lunch with her parents were foiled by scheduling beyond my control which led me to have a small mental break down. It wasn't pretty. She had a wonderful birthday but for me the day couldn't end soon enough. Ever have days like that? I tried to put my best face on for her. And have declared today as my birthday celebration. I slept in, Joel got the girls off to school, I spent the morning in my pajamas, eating dark chocolate and knitting. My mental health has been restored. Later today we will open presents and cards from our parents/grandparents and eat ice cream cake with my brother's family. Maybe I will actually have better photos to share then...

Here are photos of my running headband. I am working on typing up the pattern. The yarn is Plymouth Encore Chunky Tweed in brown. I tried really hard to get my 5 year old to take a good photo of me wearing it this morning but it just wasn't flattering. So he is modeling for me instead. Better photos to come with the pattern I promise.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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