Finished Object: Acorn Ornaments

Pattern: Tiny Knitted Acorn
Yarn: Cascade 220 (Ruby and Brown)
Quote comes from this message

My children get out of school for the winter break in less than 30 minutes. 
Let the madness begin right? :)

These aren't even the kids ornaments.  I still have four more to knit. Luckily they only take 45 minutes total to finish. These were given to our secret santa and as a secret santa gift for the family we were secret santas too at church. Did you follow all that secreting? We draw names and then leave little treats on their doorstep for a week prior to our church Christmas party where we reveal ourselves. It required a lot of sneaking around in the snow and ice. It was a miracle we weren't caught with a sensor light, large windows without blinds, and no good get away path. One night Maeve left the treats on the wrong door step so I had to jump out of the car, grab the box and put it on the right porch before the neighbors opened their door. Good times.

I am taking the two weeks they have out of school off from the blog to enjoy time with them.
Merry Christmas and Happy Everything!
See you in the new year!

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