Work in Progress: Running Headband


I finally started reading this book recommended by Ginny (go see more projects and books there) a month or so ago. I had picked it up from the library for my oldest daughter but she has not been interested enough to read it yet. So the other night I picked it up and now I can't put it down. It is really a great book so far. I highly recommend it. 

I am still working on my running headband. I need to hurry because winter is coming quickly. This is the second one I started and first that I finished. It isn't the final one though. There are several things I want to change about it so this one will be frogged back. I don't like how the cast on edge and bind off edge look different. I tried the regular bind off first, didn't like that, so I undid it and tried the sewn bind off. Don't like that either. I have a couple others I am going to try. I thought the tubular cast on and off would work but from what I've read about it, it seems like it only works with ribbing? Any suggestions? I want the two edges to match. Other than that I love the stitch and how it works up. It is going to be a great headband for the winter.

Joining with Tami and Nicole too today.