Hearts Knit Together #22: Pumpkin Carving

Hearts Knit Together was born out of my struggle to balance my desire to create with my busy life as a working mother of four. I am challenging myself to do something creative WITH my children each week and to share that adventure with you on Mondays. I invite you to share your creativity with your children so that we might inspire each other with ideas to help "knit our hearts together." 

If you want to join me, write a blog post about something creative you did with kids and share your link in the comments. No rules really, only that your link is current and something about creating with children. They don't even have to be your own kids. Please remember to link back to The Gauge Wars so that others who may want to join can find it. Pretty simple. Your post can be from any day of the week. It doesn't have to be Monday. Thank you for participating! 


This year each of my children wanted to carve their own pumpkin. Too bad none of them want to actually clean out their own pumpkin! I scooped guts out of all four of them. Adelle really wanted to roast the pumpkin seeds so she did the dirty work of sorting those out from the guts then roasted them using this recipe. Were they perfect as the recipe claims? No. But it was Adelle's first time roasting them all on her own. Did I tell you how awesome it is to have a child old enough to be somewhat independent? It is.

None of the children actually carved the pumpkins either. So really pumpkin carving is just a lot of work for the parents. But they each enjoyed drawing their design on with a pencil for their dad to cut out. A friend came over later and commented on how they all look so similar. I can't remember who drew the first design but apparently the others liked it a lot!

So we were going to be a family of ninjas this year. But then one by one my children each decided that they wanted to be something else instead. In the end everyone was happy with their choices except my little Maeve ghost, who hated her costume, because she couldn't see anything. In keeping with her stubborn fashion she refused to change costumes or to modify the original idea. It is completely baffling to me. I threw out so many other costume ideas and ways we could make the ghost more visible but she refused, then proceeded to complain about the costume relentlessly. On Halloween at school she refused to put it on at first and when the teacher went around the circle asking the students to show their costumes and tell us what they were, Maeve said, "I am a ghost but I hate my costume and I'm not wearing it." Keep in mind that the whole room was full of parents so I was looking like the Mom of the Year for sure. If I was going for the cheap, mean mom of the year award. But I swear I did not make her choose or wear that costume! She did put it on for the parade around the school and her dear friend tried so hard to make Maeve happy about her costume choice, even by showing her how they could be a ghost together in her costume. I love that girl.

When I picked her up from school I asked how the school carnival went. She told me that she didn't play any of the games because she couldn't see anything. I asked why she didn't take off her costume and I cannot remember her reply. I felt bad that she had let her costume choice ruin her day and I felt guilty over it. In the end I was so mad that she had enough control over my emotions to make me feel angry and guilty over her choice. Frustrating!

Maeve wore the costume for most of the night trick-or-treating and declared when it was all over that she had a great day. Go figure.

Hope your Halloween was a happy one!

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