Finished Object: Knitted Baby Booties

Pattern: Magic Slippers

I started and finished these slippers before they even made it into a work in progress post this last month. I cannot find what the yarn is unfortunately. It is the fingering weight yarn that was left over from my husband's Christmas socks. The designer said that she made 2 booties in an hour. So of course I procrastinated knitting much on them until Friday night before the Saturday morning baby shower for my cousin's wife. I had knit a little here and there all week but it wasn't until Friday night that I sat down and finished the first one. Because I didn't knit it all at once and it was my first one I couldn't really say how long a second one would take. So I figured if she made 2 in an hour I could make the second one Saturday morning before the shower. I didn't have time to block them even if I stayed up later Friday night and finished it anyway. I am sure you see where this story is going. It actually took me an hour and a half to finish one, knitting constantly. I was an hour late to the shower. But I think they are adorable still. I would make them again but know that it takes me 3 hours to make a pair.

Thanks Linda, Andrea, and Tami for hosting the Friday link parties!

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