Darning Hand Knit Socks

I finally had to darn a pair of socks. I have now made 10 pairs. My daughter's pair, not the oldest, got the first holes. I am not sure why. I think a combination between inexpensive yarn and my knitting ability resulted in the hole. I am totally not blaming her this time. Both pairs I made with this yarn have this strange ladder of stitches around the toe decrease and that is what wore out on this one. It looks like a place where a stitch was dropped only it wasn't. It is hard to explain. It is annoying. And I am not exactly sure why it happened.

I was going to link to the tutorial I used but my internet is reporting that website as an "attack page" now and warning me if I click on it my computer will blow up or something like that so you'll have to risk it yourself or google another darning tutorial. Sorry!

The other pair is these awesome socks that our friend's, from Turkey, grandmother made Adelle a few years ago. Adelle has loved them almost to death. The knitting on them is amazing, they are so well made. On the sole where the biggest hole was has become pretty felted so I didn't think I could really pick up stitches and knit a patch, which is basically what I did with the purple/orange pair. So I followed this tutorial for mending holes in woolens. It worked pretty good. And wasn't that difficult. It made me feel bad that they have been sitting in my mending pile for too long. It is satisfying to fix the holes but by no means is darning socks fun. I fixed two pairs in less than an hour though and a new pair takes about 20 or more hours. So I guess it is worth it. :)

As far as reading this week I have been introducing my younger children to Shel Silverstein. Maeve especially is really enjoying his poems. Very fun. Classics for children for sure.

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