Christmas Knitting: To Do or Not to Do

After a bit of a stressful time last November and December when I decided to try to do some Christmas knitting just after breaking my collar bone I decided I was not going to do any Christmas knitting this year. But then this week, in a state of weakness, I changed my mind and made a list of what I was going to knit by Christmas (6 projects). I really like the idea of my children each opening a handknit gift on Christmas morning.  Fast forward 24 hours and I was waking up in the night stressed about how I was going to accomplish it all!

I blame that stressful night on a trip to my local yarn store yesterday. I had a Thursday night off from soccer and decided to attend knit night for the first time. My husband mentioned that he might like a large cowl so I also wanted to look at some yarn for the Herringbone Cowl I was thinking of making for him. My LYS store now carries Brooklyn Tweed yarn and I thought that could make the cowl look manly and stylish enough (DH is way more stylish than me). Two things happened at Knit Night: 1. I realized that in Brooklyn Tweed it was going to be a 50$ cowl (not sure the Christmas budget can handle that on one adult if you know what I mean -- and do I really want to spend $50 on yarn without the picky/stylish husband's approval of the color before hand?) 2. I noticed this Brooklyn Tweed cowl and got completely sidetracked and overwhelmed with choosing colors. I ended up leaving empty handed and without sitting at the knitting table and meeting anyone. I totally chickened out there. Being the new kid, coming alone without a buddy is hard. I am lame I know.

Anyway I came home and spent time online trying to make a decision. I found this striped cowl and debated that for awhile. Then I spent time on Knit Picks trying to find less expensive yarn that I thought would work (is Palette itchy?) The stressful night was because I was thinking about knitting a cowl in finger weight yarn plus 5 other projects by Christmas. Crazy.

I always see things more clearly in the morning. And this is no exception. My boys could care less about a handknit gift under the tree. Right now I practically have to threaten their lives to get them to put on a sweater or a hat ("You cannot wear shorts today either!" -- good moms would have taken those shorts out of the drawer by now...) So I plan to make 3 projects -- 2 little ones for the girls and one for DH. I won't reveal more just in case curious eyes start reading the blog. That seems like a reasonable amount with still being able to enjoy the true reason for Christmas right?!? (Which cowl would you choose by the way? And seriously what about Palette for a cowl?)

Okay, sorry no knitting pictures today. I'll leave you with some fun pictures from an adventure this Fall. Goblin Valley State Park. It is totally awesome. The girls and I stopped there on our way to Lake Powell with my brother's family over Labor Day. It was so hot then we could hardly sleep at night in the tent. We went back 3 weeks later with the rest of my family and some friends from the film world and could have worn every handknit we own and still been cold at night. That is the desert for you I guess. Just be warned if you visit....

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