Work in Progress: I Heart _____ Cowl

It is a busy week at our house. My little boy, Jude, turned 5 yesterday. :( I can't believe he is already five. He is growing up too fast! We had our traditional donut cake for breakfast. Smiths, our local Kroger's grocery store, sells maple bars with bacon on top. Jude and I picked that one out for his dad. Joel said it was pretty tasty. After trying Sonic's peanut butter bacon milkshake this summer and liking it, I am not surprise that a maple and bacon donut is tasty too. Anything with bacon apparently is delicious!

He was very excited about his full size Crunch bar he requested for his birthday. And his excited face was over the digital camera Joel found for him at the local thrift store. Jude has been using an old camera from his great-grandfather that basically was just blinding everyone with the flash because we never put film in it. He is super excited that he could actually see the photos he takes with this camera. He spent the day playing with his new lego car and the camera and was a happy man. He is so easy to please. 

I have been coaching Maeve and Jude's soccer teams at the local Boys and Girls Club. Yesterday was the last game. I was the assistant coach on Maeve's team with Shige, an English student at our local university, from Japan. He was awesome to coach with. The kids loved him. What a wild bunch our team was! Maeve played goalie one game and got a couple goals scored on her, the boy in front of everyone cried when we lost that game, and Maeve has been bragging that she made a boy cry. 

Jude, on the other hand, is really an amazing goalie. Except when he made a save and the boy on the other team started whining that he just wanted to score a goal, so Jude rolled the ball out to him and moved aside so the boy could kick the ball in the net. I swear that boy is the sweetest!

And finally here is my work in progress, an I Heart _____ Cowl, for me. Lace really is my favorite knitting technique. It has been such a great (and humbling) learning experience to work with a technical editor and test knitters. I am thrilled that the pattern is almost ready for publishing. It will be released on Friday. As a special offer for my readers, all day Friday Nov. 1 it will be for sale for $.99. After Friday the price will be $2.49. It is a very quick knit, great for upcoming holiday gifts.

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