Hearts Knit Together #20: Packing Peanut Sculptures

Hearts Knit Together was born out of my struggle to balance my desire to create with my busy life as a working mother of four. I am challenging myself to do something creative WITH my children each week and to share that adventure with you on Mondays. I invite you to share your creativity with your children so that we might inspire each other with ideas to help "knit our hearts together." 

If you want to join me, write a blog post about something creative you did with kids and share your link in the comments. No rules really, only that your link is current and something about creating with children. They don't even have to be your own kids. Please remember to link back to The Gauge Wars so that others who may want to join can find it. Pretty simple. Your post can be from any day of the week. It doesn't have to be Monday. Thank you for participating! 

My mother-in-law was the first one to teach my kids about sculpting with packing peanuts. I thought it was genius! I wonder who the first person to realize that you could lick them and they would stick together was. And why they were licking them in the first place? But none the less, my kids love them. After unpacking from our move this summer we had a bunch and I learned that they are not all created equal. In the photo below are all the ones that you can lick all you want but they will not stick to anything. I am sure someone knows the reason why but I don't. My kids tried as hard as they could but I eventually sorted out the bad peanuts. In the photo below with bag full of packing peanuts are all the good nuts. Not exactly sure of the difference, the good kind seem more porous and less styrofoamy feeling. But you will probably just have to lick away to see if you have the sticky ones.

My boys thought sculpting was so fun that painting your sculpture would be even better. The painting actually worked a lot better than I thought.


I watched my nieces and nephew later that week and they saw the boys creations and wanted to make some of their own. Of course they also didn't want to miss the movie that was playing either so they painted on the kitchen floor in order to see the movie too. Little naked Roman wanted to join in too. These cute kids incorporated toothpicks in to their sculptures. The possibilities are endless!


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