Finished Object: Ruffle or Spiral Scarf

Pattern: Spiral Scarf
Yarn: Cascade 220 (in Burgundy and Heather Gray I think)

My dear friend, Korianne, back in Kansas asked me to make her a ruffle scarf in the local high school team colors after her daughter made the high school marching band. She saw a pattern for one in a store with a picture of knitting needles on it "so she was sure I could make it." Korianne wanted to wear to all the football games this fall. Since she recently gifted me several silk scarves, "that she bought so she could be cool like me," because she found out she didn't like wearing scarves or didn't think she looked good in one, I made her promise that if I knit one she would wear it to EVERY game. Okay every game that is cold enough to need a scarf. Kansas is weird with the weather and you never know if it will still be 90 degrees in October. 

She promised. I sent her several links to patterns on Ravelry. Secretly hoping she would pick something else than what she said she wanted. I am not a big fan of the spiral/ruffle scarf. But she knew what she wanted and I couldn't sway her. Luckily I needed a big distraction when I was house hunting so I cast on right away. Then cursed her a little when I got to 1600 stitches on the needle. I should say needles because my size 15 needles didn't have a long enough cable. I knew I wasn't going to want to knit too many more spiral scarves so I didn't want to invest in a bigger size 15 cable (I seriously need to get those interchangeable needles. Any suggestions?) so I moved all the stitches to my long size 9 needle cable and knit off that with my size 15 needles. It was a bit crazy and more time consuming. But, while,  I am cheap. :)

You can see in the photo that I really should have been unpacking and not knitting but who cares. Korianne loves the scarf and is the envy of all her friends, or so she tells me. 

The funny thing is that when I went to the local yarn store I asked one of the ladies knitting there what she thought I should do to block the scarf? Pin it somehow? She said just soak and it and lay it out to dry which worked well. And she told me only old ladies wear spiral scarves. Don't tell Korianne. :)

Joining with Tami, Andrea, and Linda. Go see more fiber art projects there.

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