Work in Progress: Bulle

I am plugging away on the Bulle that my oldest daughter wanted to wear on the first day of school back in August. It is in size 12 and that makes for a lot of stockinette stitch. Trying not to go a little crazy working on it. I go back and forth, wanting to cast something more exciting on and trying to just knit on it and get the thing finished. The color is going to look great on her and the yarn is so soft to knit.

I finished reading A Fort of Nine Towers by Qais Akbar Omar. I thought it was really, really good. I enjoyed the writing style and the story is so heart breaking but yet inspiring at the same time. It has some disturbing parts in it. But it is the author's story of growing up in Afghanistan so you have to expect that. Afghanistan has had so much war and terror but his writing still makes me kind of want to visit it someday. The culture and landscape is intriguing to me.

I love that it even has some fiber in the story. In the end, to survive as a family he starts a carpet weaving business, employing women in his home, teaching them to weave, read, and write during the Taliban rule. It is inspiring to read about people that learned to survive and even thrive,  in such terrible circumstances. I totally recommend it. But be prepared, some of it is disturbingly graphic.

Joining with Ginny and Tami. Go see what others are knitting and reading.

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