One Crazy Summer...

What a crazy summer. July was spent packing or purging all our belongings. August was spent in a hazy state of depression looking for housing. Seriously it was hard to do anything but stalk the online rental property listings and drive around looking at houses. I am working on documenting the entire madness in one long post with pictures of our wonderful home on our family blog, if you are interested I will give a link here when I am done. It is the house I blogged about in my last post. I am so thrilled to be living here.

But life hasn't really slowed down. I just exchanged the frantic house hunting time for unpacking boxes, back to school fun for the girls, and finally potty training my 3.25 year old little boy. All of my other children were potty trained at 2.5. But each time I planned to do it the last 9 months I broke my collar bone. Seriously. I was going to do it over Thanksgiving last year but fell a week before that and then I was going to do it over Spring Break but fell again a few weeks before that. Once I was all healed and emotionally ready for potty time, it was time to pack and move. No sense doing it then. I kind of hoped Roman would just potty train himself. He kept telling me he would use the potty on "Saturday" but changed his mind when Saturday rolled around.

I suggested to my husband that maybe he should just potty train him while I was off playing with my girls in Lake Powell over Labor Day weekend. But, um, that didn't happen. So here we are on day 4 of potty training and I HAVE NOT CLEANED UP ANY POOPY MESSES!!! (yet- I just knocked on wood). Seriously he is a champion potty user. I bought a bunch of candy to motivate him but you want to know what really works for him? He hates going naked. I won't let him put underwear on until he goes poop in the morning, so he takes care of that right off the bat. Then if he pees in his pants, he can't wear pants the rest of the day. So far it is working like a charm. I have had to change a few slightly wet pants but that is all. (knocking on wood again). Though at bedtime tonight, he asked if tomorrow he could just stop using the potty anymore. Sorry kiddo, not until I am dead and you are old, paying someone else to change your Depends.

This photo cracks me up.