We are not in Kansas anymore Toto...Holy Mountains!!

Wild flowers in bloom on the Cecret Lake hike
Jude is very excited about the ducks up Bells Canyon
Lake up Bells Canyon
Adelle posing by Cecret Lake
Trash cans need recreation too!
I am still alive. Everything fit into our moving truck and we made it safely to Utah. We have been having fun hiking in the mountains, playing with lots of cousins, and frantically looking for a house. No luck so far. One house we looked at would have been great as a bachelor pad, right up near the base of the canyons. Apparently someone else thought so too because it had a squatter in it when the owner showed it to us. He was so surprised to walk into one of the bedrooms and see a sleeping bag and a McDonalds sack with a cold soda sitting there. Kind of funny and a little scary. 

Another place had 4 bedrooms and was 1800 square feet but when I called about it the owner didn't think it was big enough for our family of six and discouraged us from looking at it. Discriminate much? Come on, renting to a family with four kids is a great idea! Apparently not. 

The rental market is fierce here. Places are rented so quickly. You have to be quick and persistent to be the one it seems. I just emailed about a place that has only been listed for 5 hours. I'll call in the morning. Hopefully that is fast enough!

My little 3 year old, Roman, is a fantastic hiker. He hiked 3 miles to Cecret Lake and back one day and the next day hiked a steep 1/2 mile up Bells Canyon and 1/2 down, hardly complaining at all! Jude, 4, loves hiking too and prefers to take the most challenging route. He will climb over boulders off the path rather then walk on the dirt path. And his legs show it now, completely covered in bruises and scrapes. 

I haven't had much emotional energy for knitting if you can believe it. When I finally sit down I just want to sit there. It is kind of weird. It is almost like I am too stressed to knit. That is a first. I am sure part of it is that my current work in progress is a bit of a struggle. I want to knit it on a tighter gauge so the malabrigo yarn won't pill so quickly.  Based on the gauge from same yarn, different colorway, that I knit my daughter's spring shirt with, I chose size 6 needles and knit away. Only to get past the garter stitch section and realize I was not achieving close to the correct gauge. Unfortunately my size 7 needles are 29 inches long so I couldn't figure out how to do a circular gauge swatch without knitting a ton of stitches. (Is there a way to do that?) Anyway, don't judge me but I just cast on the sweater again on size 7 needles and will just knit for awhile and see how big it is. I think I can make adjustments as I knit now that I have a better idea of what I am doing with the pattern. We shall see. Maybe I am deceiving myself. Let me live in denial. 

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