Gratitude: Silly boy, New Local Yarn Store, and Another House

I am grateful for this funny boy. Seriously, he is so dang awesome. I asked him to give me his silly faces and this is what he did. His hair is super shaggy right now. Joel says it is good luck and we aren't cutting it until we find a house. It was driving his Aunt Marie a little crazy when we were staying there. She likes boys with nice, short, conservative hair cuts. Even though it is a shaggy little helmet, he is still adorable.

We looked at another home today. At first sight I didn't like it because it appeared to be right next to a new Trax (commuter train) line, that will be finished in December.  The noise and danger to the children made me almost not look at it. But Joel and I walked around the yard and he was already really loving it before we saw the inside. We learned that it isn't a Trax line but a trolley line with maximum speeds of 15 miles per hour and they are putting in a walking/biking path between the house and the trolley, plus a few fences. I think it will be fine. The house is 100 years old with lots of character, including a separate studio in the back yard that Joel can use for his work. The third bedroom is up a spiral staircase that the girls will love. It is just a really cute place. She put a "for rent" sign out front on Monday and was so busy showing the place just off that, that she didn't even get it listed online until Thursday when I called her. So I don't know how many applications have been turned in but she said she would let us know her decision on Monday evening. The landlord is an artist herself so we are hoping that might make us more appealing to her. Joel spent a long time talking to her about her work and about what he does. 

Mostly though today I am grateful that each time we find a house that we want to apply for, we end up liking it better than the one we just tried for. It gives me hope that there is still a great place out there for us, whether it is this one or another one. I feel good about this place but I am not sure if that is because we are going to get to live there or because God is telling me not to worry, He has it all under control. 

On a side note this house isn't far from my favorite yarn store in Salt Lake, The Blazing Needles. Do you think that is too dangerous? I visited last summer and the owner, Cynthia, was so kind to the children and I as we stayed there for an hour waiting for roadside assistance to come fix my flat tire from running into the curb :(. 

Cynthia chatted with us today about moving here and house hunting and what Joel does for a living. She is revamping her website and is looking for new photography. Her and Joel talked quite a bit and exchanged contact information so he can submit some of his ideas to her. He jokingly asked me later if he should request to be paid in yarn. Umm...of course!

I bought two skeins of cascade 220 for a new, quick project. I'll share more later. One of the great benefits of budgeting is that I get pocket money just for me so I don't feel guilty spending it!

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