Writing a Knitting Pattern

Happy Belated Independence Day to my American readers! We spent the day doing the typical American things; ate way too much at a family BBQ and spent the rest of the day lighting things on fire with the cousins. The kids LOVED it. We usually get a few fireworks each year but this year our neighbors were managing a fireworks stand and one day, out of the blue, she came over and asked if we would like some. I thought she would bring a few little things over. But she came back with 3 grocery sacks full plus a large box of poppers. So generous! I tried to decline so much but she wouldn't hear of it, saying it didn't even make a dent in what was in her basement. We set off a bunch of them at my in-laws in town but many don't give a lot of information on the packages. Joel lit two that went into the air and brought a concerned neighbor over who had 50 gallons of diesel fuel in his backyard (why?!?). After that we headed to a friend's in the country and set off the rest of the fireworks. No one got burned so the day was a success.

Politics irritates me generally, especially those on Facebook who use it as a platform to rant about their political opinions and I don't trust any politician really. As Americans we have a lot that is wrong in our current government system. But I am still proud to be an American. I am grateful that I can worship God as I please, that I have an opportunity to vote for my leaders, and that my family is safe, among many other blessings. I love the music of this holiday. I always get a little choked up when I hear the patriotic songs. I think it is important to remember and celebrate what our forefathers did for us. I feel very blessed.

And now on to knitting. I have been spending the last few days typing up my pattern for this cowl. Now with the opportunities of the internet, especially Ravelry, anyone can self publish patterns. I recognize this and the fact that many of the designs would never be published in a book or magazine. And I wonder if we are diluting the market with poor quality. But with that said. I am doing it anyway. I love this cowl. It was made as a gift to Maeve's teacher, who was awesome and totally knit worthy. I really enjoyed knitting it and think it is pretty so I want to share it. My pattern is almost ready to send to a technical editor (know a good one?) then to some sample knitters (want to be one?) before I release it. With doing those two things, I think it will be a good, clear pattern that will add to the wonderful designs already out there.

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