Work in Progress: Socks and Bulle

I am making progress on my stress relieving ankle socks. Still holding out hope that there will be enough yarn to make them long enough for my foot since it is left over yarn from my daughter's socks. I am tossing around the idea of just knitting the rest of the foot in another left over sock yarn if there isn't. This sock knitting project isn't for looks anyway but for stress relieve and having another pair of comfy hand knit socks. Maybe I don't care if they look funny? Hmmm. We will see.

I am making a center pull yarn ball with my nostepinne and the malabrigo worsted weight yarn for my daughter's Bulle.  (I REALLY need a swift). I decided to just go ahead and knit it even if it pills easily. She will love how soft it is and if I knit it on a tighter gauge it will stay looking nice a little longer. But actually getting the ball made it taking several days because of the craziness around this place with the move.

I finished The Chaperone yesterday. I can't say too much or it will give the key parts to the story away. I ended up disagreeing with how the main character chose to liberate herself from her disappointing circumstances. If you read it, you will have to let me know what you think of it. I have been thinking a lot about the themes it introduces since I finished it. I guess that is a sign of good writing, it stays with you after you have finished.

I am back on my personal development kick now, reading START. Not only am I reading the book but I joined an online START experience where I am partnered with another blogger and in a group of 24 entrepreneurs/bloggers, encouraging each other to escape average and become our own version of awesome for 24 days. Like most motivational things it is a lot of hype and excitement. I was curious about it when Jon Acuff asked for adventurers to jump on board, so I did. My husband thought I was crazy since I am also moving during those 24 days but he is supportive of it now. I like to participate in positive communities and really the whole idea is to just START on what you want to do/be instead of being fearful. So I am taking little steps to spend time each day working towards my professional goals. And I am hoping in the process I will really learn what matters most.

There are a couple of quotes from START that I wanted to share. But I will only share one today since this post is already long.

"Luck is a word people who are lazy use to describe people who are hustling"

I like that. I know that blessings come from God and sometimes we call that luck. But I also know that God blesses those who are trying to help themselves. This quote makes me mostly think of money management. As I have become obsessed with Dave Ramsey I have had chats with many people about money. And the word luck comes up a lot for people who are making money. It irritates me though. Because it isn't luck, it is budgeting and telling your money where to go, a.k.a. hustling. People who are saying others are lucky with money just aren't willing to manage what money they have, in my opinion.

Okay I am off my soap box. Thank you to those who actually read it this far!!

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