Work in Progress: Cookie A's Kai-Mei Socks

Pattern: Cookie A's Kai-Mei
Yarn: Candy Skeins Bomb Pop

I bought this yarn last summer. I think it was the July or August colorway. I couldn't resist. It was so fun. Then I had my first bomb pop at mile 24 of the St. George Marathon in October from very generous spectators. And it made me love the yarn even more. These socks will forever remind me of finishing that marathon. I am not sure the yarn is the best choice for the pattern but I really wanted to knit the pattern and I am low on sock yarn (and yarn money :)

I am a bit obsessed with Cookie A. It is probably obvious since I now have two of her patterns on the needles. I have this great idea for a new sock pattern but as I made sketches and tried to figure out how to knit the picture in my head, I realized that I didn't have the skills yet to knit it. Each of these sock patterns are teaching me the technique I need to know (traveling cables) so I can knit my design later. 

If you couldn't tell from last week's and this week's book choices, I am facing a lot of changes in the next few weeks. Last week's read was Who Moved My Cheese? It has been on my book list for years but I finally got around to reading it. It has an interesting story to get the reader to look at change in a more positive light, anticipating it, and recognizing the benefits that can come from it. I kind of expected it to be better but I think that was just because I have been hearing about what a great book it is for years. (Kind of like when I finally watched Napoleon Dynamite after years of listening to the hype about it. The expectation was too high, it couldn't/didn't live up to it.) 

This week I am half way through Quitter by Jon Acuff. It is an interesting read about making your dreams come true, particularly your employment dream. Next month I am making my 10th move in 13 years. We have lived in 5 cities in 3 states since we married. I think this is our last move, until we buy a house, but it will still be in Salt Lake City. Next week I am leaving my 4th professional job since finishing my undergraduate degree. I have gone back and forth between being a stay at home mom and working outside the home over the years. I am coming home again. It is what I have always wanted to do. But it is a scary thing too because my husband is self-employed and having my steady income really brings a peace of mind. But life is so hectic when you have four kids and work outside the home. We have prayed about it and feel like I should be home now. It is hard to have faith and trust God when we cannot see how the future will go. We are just trying to trust that Joel will continue to get film work and that as we are wise stewards with what God blesses us with, He will continue to provide.   

Whether I am home again with my littles a few months or years, I plan to make the most of it! 

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