Happy Father's Day!

I spent yesterday working on a video present for my husband and our fathers for Father's Day. The children sang a song for him and I asked them several questions about their dad. Then I tried to edit it all nice and pretty for my cinematographer husband. I emailed it to Joel this morning with the instructions to not critique my filmmaking but just enjoy the message.

This was my favorite response from the children:

"What does your dad tell you?"
Maeve, age 6, "flush the toilet!"
Adelle, age 11, "don't be bossy."
Jude, age 4, "be nice."

Of all the things we tell Maeve apparently flushing stands out the most.

Joel gets a lot of flack about not being around much. When you watch films you probably don't think about all the time it took to make, all the time the filmmakers were away from their families. It is not a very family friendly industry. The only thing glamourous about working in the film business is telling people you work in the film business. But with all that said, he loves what he does. And how many of us can say that about our jobs?

And he is pretty much the best knitter's husband.

He has never complained when I spent money on yarn. EVER. Even when I really blew my yarn budget at the after Christmas sale at my LYS.

He wears the things I knit him. And tells his friends about them.

He cleans and cooks without a word or even an exasperated look, as I sit on the couch knitting.

I am pretty dang lucky.

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